I am Oak and Kim Janssen announce tour in Tokyo, Japan

25-06-2018 @ 21:41

This fall I am Oak and Kim Janssen will go on tour in Tokyo, Japan. Both artists released their latest albums there. I am Oak released ‘Our Blood’ on Sign-Pole Records and Kim Janssen released ‘Cousins’ on Lirico Records. Those releases will now be followed by four shows in the capital of Japan. Kim Janssen released a special video for ‘Tors’ to celebrate, premiered by Noisey earlier today.

Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak) on going to Japan: “Playing in Japan has been on our bucket list ever since a holiday there. I knew I wanted to go back, but with a goal: playing there!” Kim Janssen adds: “It was a dream come true for me to have an album out in Japan so naturally I'm incredibly excited to finally visit and perform there for the first time. I've been listening to I Am Oak for years and we're good friends so I'm thrilled to be doing this trip with them.”

I am Oak and Kim Janssen will play the following venues together:
27/09 Grapefruit Moon, Tokyo Sangenjaya
28/09 Grapefruit Moon, Tokyo Sangenjaya
29/09 Shibuya Showcase Festival, Tokyo Shibuya-ku
30/09 Marz Shinjuku, Tokyo Shinjuku

Last year Kim Janssen recorded a new version of the song ‘Tors’, exclusively for the Japanese release of his album 'Cousins' as a bonus track. He has been performing the song on stage but this version has only been available in Japan until now. To celebrate his tour in Japan, he releases a new video for 'Tors'.
The black and white video finds Kim leaving a bar in Amsterdam, then cycling all through the city and taking trains until, at the break of dawn, he reaches the tip of a strange island. There's a clash of cultures and stories here with the lyrics painting a penultimately British landscape of ceilidhs, goyals and tors while the video shows a classic portrait of Amsterdam and the Japanese translation of the lyrics in full color make you think of a Japanese karaoke video.

Watch the video right here:

Kim Janssen also announced a Dutch club tour this fall! He’ll play the following venues:
12/10 Burgerweeshuis, Deventer 08/12 15 Years Snowstar, TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht
01/11 Patronaat, Haarlem 13/12 Mezz, Breda
02/11 KAF, Almere 14/12 15 Years Snowstar, Vera, Groningen
04/11 Paard, Den Haag 21/12 Gebr. de Nobel, Leiden
07/12 Asteriks, Leeuwarden
Get your tickets at www.snowstar.nl/shows