The song premiered by New York based blog Baeble Music

Last year Kim Janssen released his beautiful album ‘Cousins’, which featured singles ‘Bottle Rockets’ and ‘Dynasty’. 2017 was a successful year for the Indie Folk musician, hailing from The Netherlands but raised in Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Kathmandu. To continue this success he released a video for ‘Host’, which was released by New York based blog Baeble Music.

In Kim Janssen’s minimalistic and cinematic new music video, a young astronaut’s spacecraft mysteriously malfunctions and she is propelled across space and pulled into a vortex of colored light.
‘Host’ might be the strongest track from Janssen’s latest album, ‘Cousins’.
A slow burner, it starts out with only bass, drums and Kim’s low baritone, sizzling with bottled energy until it finally blows up into a beautifully wild, orchestral climax. All the while, Kim dryly observes a host of leaves “rising up” and “dancing” under a streetlamp, and lights shifting in the night sky musing, “As though, they have will of their own, and know something that I do not know”.
The video, like the song, is massive in its premise and yet could not be more intimate. While the visuals are spellbinding, all we are really seeing is the look of someone who is being drawn into something they don’t understand. As she is engulfed by colour and light, fear eventually gives way to wonder and awe.

Drowned in sound wrote the following about his show at Eurosonic/Noorderslag; “A grandiose set that the likes of Matt Berninger and Sufjan Stevens would be proud of”.

Make sure to go check Kim Janssen live:
April 13th - De Casino, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
May 5th - Bevrijdingsfestival Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam (NL)
May 5th- Bevrijdingsfestival Brabant, Den Bosch (NL)
June 15th - Mañana Mañana Festival, Vorden (NL)
Aug 18 - Acoustic Summer Festival, Düsseldorf (DE)

video 'Host'

Kim Janssen releases minimalistic and cinematic new video for ‘Host’