Last week 18 year old The Shanghai-based singer, songwriter Chace announced his own label called Howshood.

Chace: "We needed a home for pure creation, for doing things that no other label would consider. Howshood is more than releasing music, it's the first official house music label in China, it's about bringing original music concepts and our influences to our people, it's about pushing the boundaries of dance music, it's about updating the music history of Asian Culture".

In early 2016 he landed a phenomenal 4-track EP on Yellow Claw’s Barong Family label called 'Destination' that got good critics for its extraordinary level of artistic maturity.

“Chace is one of those extraordinary musicians you encounter only once every few years" - Yellow Claw

This week the first release is out: "The Highway Scene"

Chace releases new single on own label Howshood