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Chant Rush

Label: Funk'n Deep Black
Release Datum: 04/01/2019
Totale speelduur: 00:21:07
Formaat: MP3

Koop Single: € 2.43

Holdin U

Label: Orange Recordings
Release Datum: 07/03/2016
Totale speelduur: 00:19:39
Formaat: MP3

Koop Single: € 2.43

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17-07-2010 @ 17:14

Timo Garcia "Gonna Be / Mississippi Disco"
About Timo Garcia:
While our last release was from our longest serving artist Richard Seeley (we know Rich, it seems longer!) this is from our newest compadre Mr Timo Garcia. Again we have asked an artist to craft something a little more lopsided than usual and Timo has not let us down. After we saw that you could be weird, wonky AND make people dance with Mike Monday...

Timo has steered us back to the dancefloor with two stonkers that will shuffle anyo...

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17-07-2010 @ 17:08

About Max Cooper:
VVWI (Veryverywrongindeed Recordings) has always been about being first out of the gate in the UK for new young pedigree thoroughbreds, heavily doped, frothing and keen as mustard. The success of our early work with the now massive Spektre is testament that despite appearances we may actually know what we are doing. This is our second outing with wunderkind Max Cooper and probably the last we will see of our boy as he wooshes past on his way to the big school. We put a hanky ...

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09-10-2009 @ 10:33

About: Johnny Arthur - "Note To Self"
Veryverywrongindeed has gone from strength to strength in 2009. With the first slot of its new residency at Fabric's amazing sister club matter under its belt, the club is now also resident at a number of other UK clubs - with guests like Heidi and Paul Woolford alongside Tim Sheridan and label stalwarts Mr C, Spektre, King Roc, and up-and-coming "emo-techno" whizzkid Max Cooper. matter has now confirmed VVWI will be resident at the club through 2010 along...

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