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Russian Roulette

Label: Baby's Back
Release Datum: 04/01/2019
Totale speelduur: 00:03:44
Formaat: MP3

Koop Single: € 1.00

The Prophecy

Label: Spinefarm Records UK
Release Datum: 25/08/2017
Totale speelduur: 00:40:21
Formaat: MP3

Koop Album: € 14.83

Between Sea And Sky

Label: Bonzai Back Catalogue
Release Datum: 08/02/2016
Totale speelduur: 00:37:26
Formaat: MP3

Koop Single: € 4.46

Little Geisha

Label: Bonzai Back Catalogue
Release Datum: 01/02/2016
Totale speelduur: 00:17:06
Formaat: MP3

Koop Single: € 1.82

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22-12-2011 @ 21:22

With their unique mixture of hardcore, metal and groove/rap, BIOHAZARD crested the Mount Olympus of the international hardcore and metal scene at the beginning of the 90s. What started out with »Biohazard« (1990) found its worthy continuation in »Urban Discipline« (1992) and »State Of The World Address« (1994). Of »Urban Discipline« over one million pieces were sold. With ´Punishment´ it contained the biggest hit of the band’s history to date and it made the boys from Brooklyn become internat...

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